Contact Jack Tanner for $25

Contact Jack Tanner for $25

Jack Tanner

Jack Tanner

   Author @ The Blockstalk

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About Jack Tanner

About Jack Tanner


Jack is an Amsterdam based Blockchain Software Developer / CTO / Entrepreneur passionate about blockchain technology, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Experience software developer and tech entrepreneur involved in the blockchain software industry since 2015, with previous experience as a mechanical engineer. Master’s in computer science from Imperial College London 2017 and an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Queensland 2011.

Founded and directed two technology startups Work on Blockchain and Vopa International Ltd.

I like to work with agile teams and create processes to ensure clean, well-documented quality deliverables are produced in good time. As a public educator and developer, and tech lead, I find myself regularly acting as a communication bridge between technologists and the rest of the world.

Looking for
Blockchain project, especially using EOSIO blockchain software, or a non-blockchain tech project that is innovative, challenging and impactful.
Full time or part time based in Amsterdam or close surroundings. Open to short term contract roles (remote or local). Will not accept equity only work.

Blockchain developer/architect…
Javascript (Nodejs/React/Vue)….

– Quality communication between tech/non-tech teams
– Clean efficient well-documented code
– Public recognition and influence
– Enjoying work
– Challenging myself and learning

Tech Stack (full stack developer)
Strong commercial experience
– Javascript, Nodejs
– Ethereum, Solidity, EOSIO, EOS, Smart contracts, Blockchain, Bitcoin
– MongoDB and SQL
– AWS management and DevOps using CI pipelines

Undertook significant research in inter-blockchain communication, and upgradeable smart contracts on Ethereum now in use by most of the community.

– Hyperledger and Corda, and other blockchain and DLT software
– React, Angular, Vuejs
– Mockup design and UX
– C++, Java

– Heavily involved in the blockchain industry since 2015
– Public contributor (development, content and opinions) to the EOSIO and Ethereum blockchain ecosystems
– Teacher at 11 blockchain developer bootcamps in London and The Netherlands
– Panelist and presenter at 20 blockchain conferences and events
– Technical influencer in the blockchain space, large developer network

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